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Happy birthday to IROSEKA!

Well, technically it's better to say happy conception day cuz on August 15th, 2019 I started making the music. The next day, August 16th, I wrote the lyrics and the very next day recorded the preview.

IROSEKA is the first sing song that I made whole by myself. My first song at all is Stay Alive, but the lyrics for it weren't made by me, so IROSEKA is kinda more important and valuable for me.

So, to such an important and valuable song by and for me, this track is dedicated.

Do you remember? This year on April 14th I published — the first completed song from the album 花嵐月雪. Today this album is supplemented with this track called .

(tsuki) means the moon. If saying about moon, it's silent, still and static (btw in Japanese all these three words contain kanji 静 "silence"). So I made this track representing these words.

I started making this 4 days ago, August 11th. Firstly I was gonna make it in a kinda full-fledged multiinstrumental arrangement but this way it'd sound less moon-likely, so finally I decided to make it solo instrument.

The music material for this I collected from the recordings of my piano improvisations, so the whole working time in FL turned out to be less than 5 hours.

And here the reasonable question pops up: why so long if all I needed was just to copy the music from recordings to piano roll? Yeah, the rest time I was creating the instrument itself. For this track I needed an EP-like sounding synth, but somehow I wasn't satisfied with any, so I ended up creating my own using FM8.

Btw, as this track is solo instrument and I had a lot of spare time, I made a musical score for it. You can use it for the piano practice or just to play it yourself and calm down listening to it.

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