Yay, hello!

My full name is Masahiko AMANO. As seen, the name is Japanese and in original spells 天人楽彦. The first name Masahiko consist of kanji (symbols) meaning joy and prince so get used to me calling myself Prince of Joy. Moreover, the name is rather long to write or pronounce so if lazy just call me my nickname H1K0 (pronouncing hiko).

So, as a real Prince of Joy, I enjoy my life a lot!

Lots of talents having, lots of different ways enjoying.

Let's start with music

I'm not mistaken saying I'm in music since I was born. My mum once said that as a baby I couldn't sleep without music.

And now I'm kinda professional composer and arranger making mostly light music using FL Studio DAW.

Btw light is actually my favorite English word as long as it has meanings of bright, positive and light(weight).

Also I'm a member of synthpop-duet ZingerS. It was created on January 28, 2019, when my friend Mike Allen sent me the lyrics for our first song Stay Alive (released December 6, 2019). My roles in the duet: composer, arranger, programmer, lead and back vocalist and song cover designer.

All my music is presented on the music page.

Now about photo

My first camera I got as a present from parents when graduated from first grade of primary school. But the real interest came in August 2019 when I lented parents' camera. :3

As seen on the photo page, I love taking colorful and surreal photos. In general, interesting ones.

After photos, of course, video

At first all videos I made were just simple MVs consisting of only image on the background, the song title and jumping audio spectrum.

But as the times change people change too so now I'm trying to make films and full-fledged MV.

Concluding graphics and proceeding to articles

Well. Talking about articles, I write them so much so I don't remember my first one: what it was about and when I wrote it. The topic can be anything as long as it's interesting and I write just on inspiration without thinking hard.

It's fully seen on the articles page.

Btw I didn't mark the link to the video page. Better late than never. :3

And finally novels

Novels, yeah...

My first experience in fiction was as soon as I learned to write. Just something like a story about cavy.

Then as long as I'm a super-perfectionist, I think of every word and punctuation mark while writing and cuz of this abandoned many interesting ideas. A leak of experience. There's no doubt perfectionism is an advantage but sometimes it just acts like a disadvantage too...

Nevertheless, On April 14, 2019, on the fourth anniversary of my pro-composer and arranger career, I finally completed and published the first chapter of the ISEKAI series. Well, actually, it's size is no more than an epigraph but, as it said, well begun is half done.

My life energy keeps growing up so it's gonna be more and more fun!