Electricity V2




My last track for this year.

I made the first version in kinda pupillary program NanoStudio and now decided to remix it in FL. NanoStudio is actually simpler than FL - for example, it has only 3 effect slots without such effects as flanger, phaser and filter. Also in NanoStudio I couldn't make automation clips. Well, actually could but I couldn't change the form or tension of the curve.

I think now I know enough to compare two versions of Electricity. Actually I don't think the first version is better, but I cannot say that the first version is worse. Cuz in the first version I really tried my best to be always proud of my first published track and now I'm proud of it too. So, leave the comments and tell me what d'you think about this: which version is better - the first or the second?

Why I called it Electricity? Well, I don't know. When I composed the first Electricity and when I had to invent a name for my song I took just the first word that appeared in my head. Maybe cuz electricity is that main point that makes my computer work so I'm able to make music. :-)

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